SUNeye Trackers

Two unit Dual Axis 10KW system can produce 30-40% more power when compared to fixed units of its size. The unit can withstand 230km/hr and uses an anemometer to monitor wind conditionals and will table top at 126 km/hr. This unit can produce 17,000-21,500 kwh/yr. Built with zinc galvanized steel and made to last.

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Flush Roof Mount

Roof mounted 10kw systems require a space of approximately 1,000 square feet on a south facing side of the roof. Panels are mounted on aluminum rails, parallel with the roof. This system is estimated to produce close to 10-13,000 KWh/year. This type of solar photovoltaic system can be the most cost effective for large roof areas greater than 1,000 square feet as well. If you have a South facing roof or are building a new barn or shed, we can work with you to take advantage of the FIT program.

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Flat Roof Tilt Mount

This is a roof mount system for a flat surface roof. The tilt mount system takes advantage of the unused rooftop space of commercial buildings in urban areas. Panels are placed at a 30 degree angle using an Ontario manufactured Unirac mounting system and Canadian Solar panels. These systems can range in size from 10KW on small commercial buildings to 500KW or more on factories or warehouses. For an open roof space, approximately 50% of the square footage can be turned into panel surface area. We work with local engineers and roofers to ensure that the structure and integrity of your roof are not affected.

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Fixed Ground

Mounted on the ground with concrete piers, as a stationary unit. Generally produces more than a roof mount, at about 11-15,000 KWh/year. Increased production comes from airflow cooling the panels and increased angle towards the sun of 35 degrees rather than the pitch of your roof. This unit can be separated into several units depending on panel arrangement and space availability. Fixed ground mount systems require virtually no maintenance as snow does not collect easily due to the angle of the panels. These units use Canadian Solar Inc panels.

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Manual Tracker

1-axis ground mount can be seasonally adjusted for optimal power generation from left to right or back to front. Electricity production of this unit is between the tracker and roof mount system, varying by location. 2-axis manual ground can be seasonally adjusted both left to right and back to front for optimal power generation.

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