Green Grid Solutions offeres batteries that are manufactured specifically for solar and other renewable energy applications. You can expect greater amp hour capacity, longer operating times and an extended cycle life of your battery. We can recommend batteries that will work best for your system or application and save you money because we deal only with superior brands and reliable products. We have batteries ranging from 2 volts to 12 volts with capacities ranging from 30 amp hours to more than 2000 amp hours.




Surrette Batteries


Surrette photovoltaic batteries offer exceptional performance, cycling ability and value. Industry leading features and durability have resulted in their reputation as the best cycling battery in North America. Easily configured for 12, 24 or 48 volt renewable energy and back-up power systems, the Surrette KS cells feature a 10 year warranty and come complete with interconnect cables.

The heart of any batterie is the positive plate. The plates in a Surrette cell have rugged vertical and horizontal main members for maximum strength and durability. The active plate material is manufactured from a dense coarse oxide which is specially formulated for maximum performance throughout the battery's life. Superior plates help make Surrette the best choice for solar applications. Because they are a tall cell, they must be supported by a box or enclosure.



10 Year Warranty



7 Year Warranty





Interstate Batteries

Interstate offers both sealed and flooded batteries that are reliable and offer superior quality performance. They have a patented selenium alloy that helps reduce corrosion penetration and round plate corners that help reduce internal shorts. They are frequently used in renewable energy installations and have proven performance in these situations.








Deka Batteries

Gelled electrolyte batteries have traditionally excelled in cycling applications. The 8G series sealed, maintenance-free batteries from Deka are spill-proof and offer excellent cycle life. With capacities from 36 to 265 AHr, Deka Solar batteries are ideal for small to medium PV systems.






Important Note

If using flooded lead acid batteries we recommend the use of a Hydrogen Gas Detector and placing batteries in a vented area.



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